Halloween and Scavenger Hunt in Greece!

Unfortunately Halloween is not a holiday that is celebrated here in Greece but that of course did not stop us from celebrating it by any means! We set out on a task to get costumes that were cheap and creative. All of us bought a few pieces of fabric here and there, used some clothes that we already owned, and got to work! Slowly you could see the scraps of fabric coming together and soon we all had the perfect Halloween costume!

Lauren was a pumpkin with a shirt and leggings she already owned and some creative skills in making a pumpkin headband, and some black fabric to make a face.

Dom and Leanne put their creativity together and were Hadley (Leanne's Dalmatian dog) and Norton (Dom's orange cat.)

Ashley and I put our heads together and came up with the idea of being the best 80's Aerobics queen; none other than JANE FONDA! With a pair of leggings, bathing suit bottoms, leg warmers, a bunch of bright colored shirts and a thick purple head band, we were Jane Fonda in a matter of moments!

Misty bought a beautiful white dress and a few gold strands of beads and VOILA! She was transformed into the beautiful Greek Goddess Aphrodite!

All of us gathered together at Sina Street (including kids from the VK) and had ourselves a Halloween party together. Everyone hung out and socialized and as the night grew later a few went out to celebrate a little bit more!

Although Halloween is not celebrated here, people still knew what day it was and so it was somewhat accepted.

On Saturday we all gathered at HAU and met up with other HAU students where we had a scavenger hunt all over Athens. The idea was great and successful. We were able to intertwine with more of the students at HAU and it made for a good ice breaker to get to know people. The scavenger hunt also allowed us to see new places or things in Athens that we may not have seen or noticed before, but it also allowed us to prove that we did know the city pretty well, and that even just being here for 2 months, we knew our way around the area quite well. At the end we all wound up meeting at a great little Greek restaurant and celebrated together! Dom and I were in a group with three other girls who were already best friends with one another so at first it seemed like it would be difficult to try and get to know them, but by the end of the hunt we had all opened up to each other and were able to get to know one another on a different level than we would have been able to without the scavenger hunt. I had a ton of fun and hope this becomes a tradition at HAU for all of the Franklin Pierce students studying abroad to take part in!

On Tuesday HAU informed us that they will be holding a gathering for the election in the US that goes from 12am-4am I believe in order to find out who won the Presidential election together! I am looking forward to this and think it will be interesting to see how the elections in the US are depicted here in Europe and what the people here think of who is elected President.

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