Jane Fonda and other everyday occurences

Unfortunately Greece does not "do" Halloween which was very disappointing to me because it is one of my favorite holidays, however that didn't stop us from showing them how it is done and dressing up. Seeing that Catie did a good job describing every ones outfits I'll spare the details and will leave you with this....

The day after Halloween was the scavenger hunt put on by HAU so we could get a chance to meet more students from the university. I particularly enjoy scavenger hunts so I had a lot of fun and met some pretty interesting people.

while walking around the city during the scavenger hunt I was reminded of what someone told me earlier in the week. My friend told me that I should take pictures of everyday things around Athens because that's what I'll miss the most when I'm back in the states. This advice came back to me after (of course) coming across everyday sites, as i thought about this i realized how much they would be right. The thing is as much as I love Greece I'm not going to be here forever. I knew I would be homesick for the U.S. but I never thought I would be homesick for Athens, and now I know there is no possible way I couldn't miss being here. The truth is I could take dozens of pictures of the islands, and Turkey and everywhere else we go, but when it comes down to it I'm going to miss going to the kiosk at 2 in the morning for a coke and ruffles, my morning coffee at Gloria Jeans, and being able to try as many flavors of gelatto down the street without being judged by the manager.

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