Halloween, Scavenger Hunt, Elections

We had an exciting week!

First there was Halloween! We all decided to dress up, regardless of the fact the Greeks don’t celebrate this holiday. It was a challenge to our creative sides to come up with costume designs. We had Aphrodite, a Dalmatian, a pumpkin, two Jane Fonda ladies, a pirate, some witches, etc. I dressed up as my orange cat Norton.

A few of us decided to go out to the James Joyce Irish pub for some drinks. We decided our luck would be best with the Irish pub for understanding our Halloween celebrations.

The walk there was interesting, many stares. It was crazy to see little kids not knowing the fun they are missing out on, dressing up once a year as whatever you want.

There were a few cat ears, goddesses, and witches at the James Joyce. But no crowd was as classy as us in our Halloween getups.

Saturday we had a Scavenger Hunt with the students at HAU. This was a very fun experience. We all got to mingle with the Greeks, and put our skills of traveling around Athens to the test. I think quite a few of us students got to make some good friends in the process.

Tonight there is a little party at HAU from 12 am – 4 am celebrating the American Elections! It will definitely be another interesting experience to see the Greeks view of our big American event!

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