1896 Stadium Gone 2007

If you were to walk out of the front door of our apartment building and take a left, walk about three blocks down and then look to your left you would see the Panathenaic Stadium.  This stadium is incredible for a number of reasons.  It was home to the 1896 summer Olympic games, and before that Panathenaic Games which were ancient games that were held in Athens.  Over the course of its existence the stadium has undergone numerous renovations, and is currently one of the only stadiums on the globe composed entirely of white marble.

            Walking by this stadium every day while taking in its beauty and meaning should be enough, but last night it became even more incredible.  R.E.M., The Kaiser Chiefs, and two other Greek bands but on a free show inside.  I have never been inside of it so having the first time be for an R.E.M. show was really awesome.  This event was the conclusion of R.E.M.’s Athens, Georgia. To Athens, Greece tour and celebrated the opening day of MTV, GR (MTV Greece). 

            The show was incredible as all four bands rocked out in front of a full stadium.  R.E.M. was the anchor band playing a set-list that lasted for over an hour and a half.  This was an incredible ending to a spectacular weekend back in Athens.

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