The Sina Scene

It's a typical Wednesday night on Sina St. I sit in the living room working vivaciously on my various reading assignments for various classes. Well, actually I'm coloring in my Batman coloring book while watching 300 on my laptop and convincing myself that it could possibly hold some educational value...maybe...a little bit. Frustrated with my lack of motivation and remembering that tonight is my assigned evening to blog, I roam the house searching for inspiration. I mosey in on Dom, Leannie, and Misty cuddled in bed working on their Greek lessons and sipping on wine. Kaitlyn and Jessi are reading and being productive, or doing a great job of pretending to be. Caitie tells me a tragic story about her knee ALMOST popping out of place today (it was a phase one for those interested) and is yelling at her computer for not cooperating with her wishes to download movies illegally. Lauren can be found in the kitchen chatting with friends from home, her filling laughter heard throughout the apartment. Lastly, I come across Ashley snuggled in bed, listening to music and pretending to be immersed in something outrageously important on her computer when I know for a fact she is playing the Sims and wondering how much longer she can get away with it before anyone finds out.

It's then I realize how comfortable and happy I am with all of these girls. If you had told me a month ago that I would get along with everyone that would be living here in Athens I would have called the men in white coats. We have been forced into this sometimes stressful, a little crazy, always exciting social experiment of sorts and have somehow flourished. Relationships have developed that were never thought possible. Coming into this, the only person I knew was Ashley. Having been attached at the hip for approximately six years, I was going to count on her to deal with me when I'm moofy and no sane and rational person would want to be near me. She was going to count on me to feed her. I couldn’t have guessed that we would have to set up a date last night to get caught up on each others lives.

But, in my opinion, that’s a good thing. In no other environment would I ever be able to have a calm conversation with a boy who was wearing a shirt depicting Ronald Reagan suffering from what appears to be a rather gruesome gunshot wound. Or ever think that I could have anything in common with a Yankees fan, or a girl that drops Euro after Euro on fancy dresses and shoes, or someone who keeps a scruffy teddy bear named Spammy on her bed. It astounds me that behind all these obvious traits, I have more in common with these people than I could have ever realized. I found someone who shares my love for Nutella and isn’t disgusted when I just want a little straight from the jar, someone who can sit on the roof with me and not feel pressured to hold pointless conversation, someone with whom I can sip on Raki on a random grassy knoll and discuss our completely opposing political views, or be able to appreciate the endless stream of various Beatles albums that drift from across the hall all day, and night.

It’s been amazing to see the temples, and sanctuaries, and lounge on the island of Santorini in a blanket of black sand, watching three grown men build a sandcastle, racing against the impending tide. For me, however, it’s the relationships that have flourished and will continue to grow here that I hope last forever. Or at least until someone takes my laundry out when it’s still wet and I stop talking to them, which ever comes first.

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