Music, Anarchists, and lots of "Cuddle Puddles"..I love Athens!

Time just keeps flying by in Athens! The past week has been fairly productive, yet remained full of adventures. The highlight, as you’ve seen by my classmates’ posts, was certainly last Sunday: REM and Kaiser Chiefs, live, free, in the Olympic Stadium. I don’t think that experience will be forgotten by any of the 50,000 fans present, especially not by our group.

As for the weekend preceding this event, I won’t go into much detail, but we had two birthdays to celebrate in such little time! We made it count, though, and I then needed nearly a week of recuperation.

Classes began Monday and we were a hot mess. I spent my afternoons meandering, working on The 420 Project. This project has turned out to be a fun idea; by having a purpose to walk around, we accomplish a goal, while exploring new areas and finding interesting places. This is how Dom found her beloved vegan store!

I also stumbled across the metro protest on Wednesday. Protestors carried a huge Greek flag, which was followed by a parade of hundreds of supporters, yelling through megaphones. I wish I knew what they were saying; I need to learn more Greek.

One afternoon, Fancy guided a few of us to a square that Ionna had showed her. Apparently, Anarchists congregate in this area. When we arrived, we found the square was currently displaying an artistic installation. Hanging from hemp rope were arrangements of photos of trash and destruction in Athens. Unfortunately, I couldn’t read the captions, but the purpose was clear: to raise awareness of the environmental and social problems present in this city. Hanging from the trees within the square were black trash bags. The photo that moved me the most was a shot of a box of dirty syringes. Another photo depicted the box dumped out on the red carpet. This exhibit gave me a new perspective on Athens.

Next, we noticed a beautiful shop, with dozens of fairies adorning the inside of the window. The bright colors and name, Strawberry, quickly drew us in. Before we got much of a chance to look around, the owner popped out of the back room. She instantly began talking to us as if we were old friends. Intrigued, we stayed and chatted with her. She told us a little of the country’s history, as well as her history, and then she shared some wisdom; “you can tell by someone’s eyes and lips if they have a kind soul.” Her eyes twinkled as she spoke and I felt suddenly connected to her. She said she knew were good people and hoped to see us soon. We left, promising to come back and pondering the humor and wisdom of this woman, Maria.

The following day, a brilliant vision came to Dom and I. To utilize the space in our room and our plethora of tapestries and craft supplies, we built a tent. More like a cave, though, where we now sleep, along with Fancy. It’s beautiful! It not only allows privacy and creates a chill ambience, it allowed us to build a connecting beauty station and changing area. We are quite the architects.

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