Today we had our 20th Century final! Two finals down! Yay! Last night was a rather entertaining night, full of facebook creeping, gossiping about boys, and of course studying, at the Sina Street Apartment. Hopefully all of our hard work will pay off when Professor Marra grades our tests (hint, hint).

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Wednesdays in Greece have a very special meaning to us. I will forever remember the only time in my life that my teacher pays me when I arrive in class. Payday is wonderful! Afterwards there’s usually a trip to the market, and at night we all feast on our hearts delight.

The most interesting thing that happened to me this week was the rain on Sunday. Leanne and I were out for a stroll, and decided to try a delicious baked potato mixture with cheese sauce and tomatoes at a random restaurant. We had just completed our meal when it began to sprinkle. Then it began to rain hard. Then it went to a full out down pour. It was absolutely hilarious. The Greeks do not know what to do in the rain. They all huddled under the massive tarp/canopy covering the tables. Slowly the tarp began to fill up with massive pools of water, which began to drip! It was a great sight watching the waiters stand on chairs with broomsticks trying to push the water off the tarps. After about 45 minutes of watching this spectacle we decided that we were just going to pay and leave. So we paid, rolled up our pants, took of our flip flops, and to the amazement of all of the restaurant’s guests, ran into the rain! The looks on their faces, it was as though they were expecting for us to drown. We ran through the streets, laughing at all of the people huddled under any cover available. The streets in the markets were flooded, rivers of water were flowing down the streets; it was extremely entertaining. As we got closer to our apartment we were soaked entirely. Then, random street salesmen tried to convince us to buy umbrellas, we were already soaked! Why would we want an umbrella now?!? Those crazy Greeks! hahaha

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