This is close to the half way point of the trip. We still have a lot of places to go before we leave though. The weekend coming up we are going to Turkey to visit Izmir (Smyrna) and Istanbul (Constantinople) which I am excited for because we have been learning about Turkey and Greece’s histories together and it will be interesting to see the places that are still argued about as “should have been part of Greece.” There is also a lot more of Greece to see before we leave which I am excited for because it will take us out of the city.
Ry and I have finished up our own plans for Thanksgiving break in which we will be visiting seven different cities. We start of flying to Berlin a few hours after class gets out on Thursday the 20th and stay there until the 22nd. Then we fly to Budapest and stay there until the 23rd. After Budapest we fly to Paris and stay there until the 26th. We fly into Cologne, Germany on the 26th for a show by one of my favorite bands, Gogol Bordello, which should be an awesome time. Then on the 27th we fly to Prague for a night. On the 28th we fly out to Amsterdam for the rest of our trip into December 1st. It all sounds like a lot and I know we will probably be wiped out after it but I think it will be worth it. We also do not plan on sleeping that much, except on the planes, and having a lot of caffeine. We plan on seeing as many sites as we can. I even got a nice new 75 liter backpack that I can use as a carry on for the planes so that I do not have to check my any bags. Everything that we have left to do on this trip is exciting and I cannot wait for any of it.

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