Turkeeyy gobble gobble

Turkey was amazing! I definitely will go back sometime!

We were warned before going, and told to be fully dressed. Many girls have had problems with store owners trying to trick them in their back room, etc. The guys are definitely creepy, always trying to convince you to buy something, or using cheezy pickup lines. But, if you just pretend you're deaf and mute, it is an easy thing to get used to.

We had a grand old time.

We took a plane to our 7th Greek Island Samos, and then took a ferry into the Asian part of Turkey. We spent 2 nights there, in a hotel with a view overlooking the ocean. Swweeet!

They use the lira there, which is worth 1/2 the euro. So if something costs 30 lira, its only 15 euro! Cool right! They even accept half euro cash and half lira! Except we have been noticing on our online banks that they charge more to withdraw money, those darn Turks!

There were markets there and we thought that everything would be cheaper once we get outside of the tourist port, so we should have bought more than what we did. I did get a cool skirt with 10 euro's off, bargain! We looked at quite a few ruins crazy there too that I’m sure everyone else will blog extensively about.

From there we took a bus to Izmir, which used to be called Smyrna. We read a book about it for class, and in 1922 the Turks took over and massacred all of the Greeks and Armenians living there. The Turks refer to it as the Conquering of Smyrna! CRAZY!

There is the biggest market in the world there! But the tour guide brought us through a corner of it, twisting and turning, and it took around 35 minutes! To get through a corner!

Then we went to Istanbul. Massive beautiful mosques, sweet grand bazaar, and…

I am soooo clean!

Definitely recommended to all… although prepare for the workers to be pretty naked. Big breasts, bouncing everywhere, eeek!

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