Island hopping part II

Well we are back at Sina now, but before we came home from our extended island hopping adventure we went to Crete. Crete was something of a let down, especially after reading Zorba the Greek. I was expecting it to be much different, more rural or something I guess. Crete was fun none the less. We spent two nights on the island, and I have no idea what either city was called but they were two of the biggest ones on the island. We went to the Palace of Knossos which was really cool and really disappointing all at the same time. It was very cool because many of the building had frescoes in them and were in fairly good condition so you could walk through chambers and hall ways and things like that but at the same time it was disappointing because a good portion of what we were seeing had been rebuilt or were replicas of the real thing.
After we went to the Palace we went back to the city we were staying in and went to the Heraklion Archaeological Museum and saw some of the artifacts that they found at the Palace of Knossos. Some of the things that were at the museum were things that I had seen on postcards so it was cool to see them up close. Many of the artifacts are much smaller than I thought they would be.
After the museum we took a bus to another city where we spent the night in a youth hostel. I spent the night wandering around with Leslie, Kayla, Myste and Ry. We went shopping and that was about it. I had a gyro for the first time and I really liked it. I did not think that I would so I was glad that I did. I was disappointed that we did not get more time to spend on Crete because it was an interesting island.
Now we are back in Athens and the only big thing that has gone on here is we started classes with our Greek professor Ioanna. She took us to the Benaki Museum for our first class which had alot of amazing exhibits. My favorite ones were the different Greek clothing from different periods and places. The clothes were very bright and colorful and ornate. The Benaki Museum was different from the other museums that we have visited thus far because it held more artifacts and a greater variety of artifacts. We saw Bouboulina's telescope and a santuri and if you do not know what these things are you will have to look them up because they are from Zorba and Zorba does not fully explain what they are either so it was a good thing we went to the museum.
P.S. Happy Birthday Catie and Ron

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