Hello. My name is Myste and I have an addiction (step one...admitting you have a problem). Only after recent comments received from my comrades in the Study Abroad Army, however, have I acknowledged the full scope of my issue.

Now, before Patty and Dennis - aka Mom and Papa- pick up the phone to schedule me for an episode of Intervention in which I can be seen throwing Ramen noodles at my sister while she attempts to convince me that crack is indeed “wack”, please allow me to explain myself.

Most mornings as I mosey my way to our 10:30 am class a couple of blocks away at HAU, I am in possession of several things that have morphed into additional appendages on my body. First, in an attempt to shield my bleary, tired eyes from the taunting and sickeningly cheery rays of morning sunshine, I place my bright green Kanye-esque sunglasses on my face. These are accompanied by my headphones which I use to universally block out the world and escape to a place full of melodic and soothing musical bliss. A morning cigarette is a must, of course. Which leads us to the drug in my life more potent than nicotine or Stavros’ house wine. Caffeine. The morning stop to Kono-man for a double espresso aside, most days I clutch onto a can of Diet Coke as though I opened a Wonka Bar to peek at that shiny gold wrapper that will lead me to my sweet candy dreams come true.

Let me intercede here to correct myself. Diet Coke does not exist in Greece. Instead those glimmering delightful silver cans are labeled as Coca-Cola Light. The taste remains as quenching and refreshing as ever, yet the name now resonates a comforting and some what more sophisticated edge.

All this being said, it has now become my mission to find the cheapest can of Cola Light in Athens. The introduction of the kiosk into my life has propelled this mission into the “shock and awe” stages. Kiosks here in Athens are similar to Dunkin Donuts in New England. You honestly cannot finish your delicious Cola Light that was purchased at one kiosk before you run into another. Now every time a kiosk is passed, I glance into the cooler with the familiar red advertising to check prices even if my Cola fix has just been satisfied.

Different neighborhoods boast better prices than others. Forget about finding anything under 80 Euro cents in Monistraki or Kolanaki. Omonia not only is home to some of the most interesting derelicts in Athens but also to some of the cheapest Cola Light. It was not until last week, however that I hit the big time in the Cola Light department, and this religious realization did not even occur at a kiosk. I saw the bright lights of a 53 Euro cent can of Cola-light at our local grocery store. My hands immediately thrust into the cooler and grabbed as many as could be crammed into my purse. I joyfully skipped back to Sina St., feeling a completion in my life that was represented by several 330 ml cans of cold, dark, bubbly happiness. Life is good.

Ok. So maybe Patty should call Intervention…..


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have you considered the patch? i bet you could fit like 10 under the carpal protection and no one would even know