What a weekend!

Birthday Parties and Excellent Music
This past weekend was probably one of the best and craziest weekends I have ever had. First off, it was both my birthday and Caitie’s. Hers was on Thursday and mine was on Friday, so Thursday night we went the Irish Pub, The James Joyce. It was great time and we met a bunch of cool people there and had a few pints. The next day it was my turn and the party just did not stop until about 5am when we got back. I just want to thank everyone for making it a fun time on my birthday. It was fun to see everyone getting all dressed up for both of the birthdays.
Saturday was more of a relaxing day until about 8pm when it was decided to have a small get together at my apartment for some cards and music. Even with all the people around and cards and music it was still a relaxing night compared to the two nights prior. That night ended around 3am and we went to bed with the anticipation for the next day.
The morning came and Shane, Ry, and I planned to make a big breakfast for those who were interested. Ry made the eggs to order with the help of Myste. Shane made southern gravy that went with some bread. And I made a load of home fries. It was the best breakfast I have had while in Greece, mainly because they are not that big on breakfast here. After we ate all the food, a few of us just passed out for a good hour or so.
When we woke up we got ready for the grand finale of such an amazing weekend. REM and the Kaiser Chiefs were putting on a free show at the Olympic Stadium, which is a quarter of a mile down the road from my apartment. It was an amazing show and let me just say, you have not seen anything until you see the Kaiser Chiefs play “I predict a riot” live while the singer climbs up the poll of the stage. Also, REM is amazing and rocking out to them in the Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece is a hard thing to match. Fabulous weekend, and thanks to all that made it that way.

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