The Aegina Adventure

Cast: A set of 13 students from the picturesque state of New Hampshire, a few adorably irresistible stray cats, outrageously expensive fish, various men pushing an array of knock-off sunglasses on the street.

Setting: The Island of Aegina, off the coast of Athens. A place full of temples and nature, the perfect location for an educational trek through the finer points of Grecian history with a view to die for.

Synopsis: A short metro ride to the Port of Piraeus carried this group of wide-eyed American students to their prime mode of transportation that would eventually deliver them to the original capital of mother Greece herself. For some, however, this ferry ride was a turbulent disaster that concluded in becoming rather friendly with the bathroom accommodations of the boat (I’m certainly not mentioning any names here mostly to save myself the embarrassment of describing said accommodations).

Arriving at the port the students were assaulted with the sight of dozens of pistachio kiosks, a beautiful view of the harbor, and the lovely fresh fish air to quell those sea-sick feelings. The general consensus was that the students needed a quiet afternoon taking in the lovely view from the Moondy Bay Resort. A short, albeit terrifying bus ride later, through the narrow and hilly “streets” of Aegina, and a confusing walk through said streets that ultimately felt like a run through the most difficult level of Frogger, and the group had arrived at their home away from home away from home.

Running like small children from the boogey man, the group splashed into the Saronic Gulf, eyes stinging from the salt. To their ultimate pleasure, the resort also had a swimming pool (full of salt water, however) and a fairly well stocked bar which you know they took full advantage of.

The day of fun in the sun, coming to a close and only one broken toe for the worse the group decided that some local food and drink was a perfect way to end a perfect day. After the short 3 mile hike to the other side of the island, the group was rewarded with dozens of restaurants all boasting the freshest of fish and the slimiest of squid.

A small group of them sat at an idyllic restaurant with a copious amount of fresh seafood boasted on the menu. Upon picking the fish straight from their chilly bed of ice, the group enjoyed wine and bread at their leisure whilst patiently waiting their fresh fish feast. The arrival of the two whole fish was met with oohhs and ahhs and immediate consumption ensued. Feeling stuffed and content with good company and better food, the group collected their check. The arrival of the bill was met with vicious expletives murmured from Professors and students alike. Alas, as they say on Sina street, “Biiig Fish BIG money”. Moral of the story, don’t ask for the best fish available, ever.

Bellies full and wallets lighter, the group returned to the lovely Moondy Bay and rested their weary heads fully looking forward to the adventure of tomorrow. The morning sun was met with bleary eyes and a delightful bite at the continental breakfast. A twisting bus ride or two later, the group ended up at the Sanctuary of Aphaia. Standing in the shadow of ancient stones, the students took in the view of the world around them, fully appreciating, some for the first time, the history that surrounded them.

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