Island of Paros

It feels so surreal being on the island of Paros; Our apartments look right over the beach and we are surrounded by picturesque buildings with white walls and deep blue shutters and doors. Although our first day on the island was met with a drizzling rain that turned into a downpour by late evening, we were all so content to be here that even the chilly weather didn’t stop people from swimming in the clear water.

One of the best parts about staying on Paros is that the apartment owners are a very gracious and hospitable couple that are helping to make our time on the island a great experience. We have been offered delicious treats such as freshly cleaned pomegranate seeds and dried figs, and we are told of the best places to swim or get a bite to eat. Vasilios, who grew up on this island, took a small group of us on a short walk through his childhood village. As soon as you turn off the dirt road to enter the village you step onto a narrow grey and white cobblestone road and into another world. White, blue, and pink are the dominating colors that come from all of the houses and flowers that creep up the walls and over terraces. Many little churches were scattered throughout the village and we went into one that was especially beautiful. Every inch of the walls were covered in bright frescoes and gold chandeliers hung down from the ceilings. Vasilios shared with us a Greek hymn and we were all moved as the sounds echoed and filled the church. It was great having him as a tour guide because he was able to share with us stories and bits of history that made the whole experience more meaningful.

Even though there is so much more to the island that I will not be able to explore, I am very happy to be sitting here listening to the waves crash into the rocks, while a tiny kitten is asleep in my lap. This really must be one of the most peaceful places I have ever been to.

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