The girls and I crept up the stairs of our seven or eight story apartment, hoping to find the door leading to the roof to be ajar. Unfortunately, we saw padlock holding the door closed, but as we stealthily tiptoed closer we noticed the padlock had not been closed. Carefully we removed the padlock, as the door and lock creaked loudly. We thought it might be just a tad awful if we ended up homeless due to our landlady finding us in a place we shouldn't have been.

As we ascended the stairs we were amazed by the breathtaking view we stumbled upon. To the left we looked up at brightly lit Acroplis, and to the right we gazed upon a monastary that is located upon the highest point in Athens. As I intently stared at the view that I could call mine for the next three months, I couldn't believe I was actually here, here in Greece!

Though one would assume my first impression of Athens must have been a excellent, I was in fact quite disappointed and afraid the first few hours of this adventure I was about to plunge into. Caitie, Dom, and myself had the opportunity to drive around Athens for a bit with a man who smoked heavily, drove crazily, and told us that if we did anything bad while we were here we would risk spending our lives in a Grecian prision. And mind you, this was before we were dropped off on the side of the road, in the middle of Athens, at the wrong apartment, with no money, with no cellphones, and no understanding of the Greek language.

All ended well, and now I am completely in love with Athens, and I wonder how my family will ever rip me out of this stunning, vivacious city that I am able to call my home. I am able to walk down the street and look at pieces of history everyday. The men and women dress like movie stars as they parade by, and I don't have to walk farther than five minutes and I have dozens of shoe stores beckoning me. This is the life.

Now that I have been here one week, and have settled in I cannot wait to to travel, explore, and absorb all that this place has to offer. For anyone thinking about coming here to live or even to visit-- Learn Greek-- The locals appreciate it, and it is sometimes quite challenging to get around without it.

PS...If you think the Greek Gods are something of the past, think again. Just wait until you get to ride on the tram next to a man who is so good-looking you would swear he was Zeus himself!

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