Athens! Woooo!

My first impression of Athens was - "wow!"

Athens is a very, very busy city. Over the past week I have become a city person (this would surprise all of my friends and family back home). I have gotten used to the traffic, the people,a nd the mass of motorcycles who drive everywhere (including the sidewalks).

It is wonderful to be able to walk to anything you need. Groceries and other shopping are very short distances from the apartment. There are restaurants and bars everywhere (yay for such an excellent drinking age!)

Yet, even in such a bustling city, we have found our sanctuary. The National Gardens, a short walk from both the apartments, is absolutely wonderful. We have spent hours wandering and still feel as though we haven't explored it all.

The "Eye Witness Guide Books", available at the bookstore are amazing. We have taken to roaming aimlessly, wherever we feel like, and have found some amazing locations. Then, when we feel as if we strayed to far, we pull out our book, check the streets on the map, and route our way home. Perfect. If we see a location that is interesting the book often has descriptions of it for us.

It is very hot here, but the people find a way to bare the heat and dress very nice. Almost everyone here somehow wears jeans. The woman dress very nice, always in fancy sandals or heels. There are also so many beautiful dresses.

My overall favorite part of Athens is the beautiful beaches. The tram only costs .80 Euro and after a 30th minute ride, it takes you to the ocean. Don't forget the breathtaking views surrounding the ocean.

It is wonderful, this has been and will continue to be the time of my life.

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