Ditching the Pocket Map :)

Fast forward: after about two weeks of being in Athens, (everyone else’s third night) we found ourselves sitting in the apartment, bored, tired, and ready for bed. When we were all ready to turn in, someone made the suggestion of getting a quick fix of late night gelato. As we grab the keys and head out I quickly said something to my mom about being back within the hour… sorry mom, we really didn’t know we wouldn’t get back until two in the morning! The delicious gelato seemed to wake us up a little bit, and we realized we were unable to return home to bed when we were surrounded by a city that never sleeps.
We pretty much ditched Ry’s pocket map and decided to head in the general direction of the “big hill,” which is actually called Lycavettus, and is the highest point in Athens! When we somehow reached the base we were so excited to find the “funicular” (train) was open until 3 a.m., and it only cost six euro. (Future reference: climbing it is so much better!) How could we resist?
When we finally got to the top, it was sooooooo worth it. Although I had already wandered the city for two weeks, this was my real “first impression.” It was absolutely breathtaking. And what’s more than the amazing view was the way it made you feel. To be able to look out over something so vast, to see the mountains and pick out our apartment building at the same time, and to realize you were standing above it ALL, was really an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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