Home at last

We are finally back from our ten day excursion around the Cycladic islands! during my last blog I briefly wrote about the island of Paros and some of the things we saw there, while we were in Paros we took day trips to the island of Delos, which is a completely uninhabited sacred island filled with ancient ruins and temples to the gods as well as home to the Delian games. The most significant thing about the islands is that it is the birth place of Artemis and Apollo We climbed to the top of Mount Kynthos where we were able to see the entire island as well as Mykonos which was our next stop on our adventure.

Mykonos was very nice but very expensive, and even though it is more of a hot spot for the rich and famous I didn’t see any Beyonce’s or Jay-Z’s while we were there. I’m sure you’d be very disappointed too. After Mykonos we visited Santorini (or Thira in Greek) which was by far my favorite island. Why might it be my favorite island? Well lets just say its not everyday that you get the chance to climb and active volcano, jump off a pirate ship and swim to hot springs in the middle of the Aegean sea, then ride a donkey up a cliff side, ALL IN ONE DAY. (Remember how I said Greece keeps getting better and better? This is what I meant.)

(Ry and Ron on top of the volcano)

We “roughed” it in a hostel on Crete after Santorini, and no matter what anyone says it is not like the movie. In fact all of us were able to talk to the other people staying there and compare stories of our Euro-trips, plus in the morning the Rethymno Youth Hostel made me the best French toast I have had in a very long time before heading home.

Calling Athens home is another thing that just popped into my mind, if you asked me a month ago if I would ever feel like I do now about my roommates and Greece I don’t know if I would be able to have the same answer. I am in love with Greece more than words can express and it really feels like this is the way things have always been. We have always lived together, we’ve always traveled around the world, and we have always gone to Gloria’s for our morning coffee. When I left for Greece I was afraid of leaving home and my family, now even though we have a few months left I get the feeling that I’ll be leaving this home and family as well. But until that day comes I’m going to keep acting like that day isn’t going to come.

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Yes, Greece grows on you.
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