Aegina Island Adventure

It was a great idea to take a weekend vacation to Aegina Island.

After riding the train on two different rails, a relatively short distance, we arrived at the port. In class we learned that Aegina Island is the largest island in the Soronic Gulf.

The port that we arrived at is called Piras Port, and is the major port that Greece has used for centuries. If it weren’t for the language barrier confusion, I am sure the history of this port would have left us feeling enchanted. Instead we were hustled from here to there trying to find our ferry, “The Flying Dolphin”. Turns out there are more than one flying dolphin, but we landed at the right place after some trial and error, as well as some help from a very nice man.

After a short ferry ride we were all overcome with amazement at the beautiful coastline.

The first thing we all wanted to do was go swimming. But, we had to ride the bus. That was an adventure on its own - sharp curves on small roads. Also lots of honking, anything in the way of the bus got honked at, and it better move quickly. Whether its cars, bikes, or people. Watch out!

The pool and the ocean were amazing. But all was salt water! Including the pool, the showers, and the faucet water! Weird! There were beautiful views of the mountains everywhere and things around the island were relatively cheep, drinks included. Definitely a great first-vacation spot.

In the morning we took a crazy bus ride to The Sanctuary of Aphaia. Beautiful sights! Very, very hot. For future references on people going on these types of excursions, keep water on you at all times. It will make you very, very happy. Especially when you are surrounded by salt water in such heat!

We had a beautiful weekend, but it was definitely nice to be back on Sina Street in the end!

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