Island Hopping

It has been a crazy week! I feel like I have been all around the world because we have gone to so many places. We started out on the island of Paros which was nice. The Carmel studios where we stayed were breath taking. Shane's family's friends were extremely nice and very helpful. Swimming in the sea on Paros was fun because it seemed that no matter how far away from the shore you swam the bottom was always visible. It was disorentating to see the bottom of the sea but not touch it. While on Paros we went to this church that is called the church of 100 doors even though there are only 99. It was a beautiful church and there was a baptism that was going on and the ceremony was very elaborate and pretty. After that we went to an archeological museum that was cool but it had nothing of the island of Delos.
Deos is supposedly the island where the sun god Apollo was born and because of this the island was purified which means that no one can be born on or die on the island. The island is full of ruins and lizards. The ruins were amazing beyond words. Unlike the other ruins that we went to there were still stautes and things to look at inside the buildings. We climbed up the mountain where Apollo was said to be born and the veiw was amazing. That is the common theme in the islands. When you look out to sea every thing is picturesque and perfect.
After Delos we went to Mykonos. Mykonos was not that much fun because it is the place for people with lots of money to throw away. The best part of Mykonos was the big pelicans.
Right now we are on Santorini. Santorini is really pretty. The cliffs are scary though because to get anyhere you have to find some way to get up or down them. Driving up them with the vans from the port was terrifing because the roads are narrow and there were a lot of vehilces trying to get up and down the cliff. The cable cars are just plain scary and some people were brave enough to take donkeys up the stairs. The best part of being here was the trip to the volcanic island in the middle of the caldera. After the volcano climb we went to swim in a natural hot spring which was very refreshing. There were pumice stones that were floating in the water and three mountian goats that were watching us as all the people were swimming in the hot springs. Next we go to Crete and I am really excited to see what will be there.

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