If you have read many of the posts on this web log, or "blog," you have noticed at least two common themes: heat and traffic. We apparently all felt them salient enough for a first mention. Though, I am surprised no one mentioned the neutered and spayed third-class citizens of Greece, the strays. Everywhere in Athens and Aegina and Piraeus there are dogs and cats who lack apparent homes or owners. Some of the dogs are friendly, some bark selectively at moving vehicles/surprised tourists. The cats, however, are, well, they are cats. They aren't likely to cotton to diplomatic attempts and petting unless bribed with seafood.

It is impossible (unless you are Shane or Lauren, who are rather untouched by objectively adorable feline creatures) to glance at a stray unmoved. Often it's a sad sight: a scrawny specimen with ratty fur eyeing your plate of fried fish.

Well, at Aegina Town yesterday, this happened while a few of us were eating near the fish market and I swear to you it was the most darling thing on the planet. First one kitten who appeared to be blind and quite young and quite skinny. We were struck with collective sadness. Then a mother (hope!), and then TWO MORE KITTENS. And--this actually happened--the mom laid down near our table and started nursing and grooming her young. It was my first time not feeling sorry for strays and was a sight photographed more than the Temple of Apollo. AND there is a video. You can just hear the adoration in the voice of Kayla, the narrator, who did not know I was taking a video.

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