Island Adventures

I will never forget my trip to a few of the Greek Islands. The only way that it could have possibly been any better would mean that the weather would have cooperated with our plans. But, because that isn’t possible, I had an amazing time anyway.

We were extremely pleased with our wonderful five day stay on the beautiful island of Paros. Thanks to Shane and his family friends we were able to stay at the most beautiful villas right across the street from the ocean. We were able to make friends with the workers of some of the restaurants and taverns, and even got some great deals. This was my favorite island; I think someday I will retire here!

From there we went and stayed in Santorini for three days. It was amazing to see how these people built their homes on such large cliffs. Here we go to take a cable car down the cliffs, then road a boat to a volcano, which we got to climb! Beautiful. After that we boated to some “hot springs”. This meant we got to jump off the boat and swim into a shallow area by an island which is warmed by a volcano. Sweet! Instead of taking the cable car back, some of us rode donkeys. Really fun, depending on the personality of your chosen donkey. I liked mine, others weren’t so nice. We also went to an amazing black sanded beach with awesome waves. And as a side note, the clubs in Santorini are GREAT.

We took a day trip to the uninhabited island of Delos. Noone is allowed to be born or die on this sacred land, and it has very cool structures. Its beauty was lost to me because of its mass of tourists. For future people traveling here, where sneakers, and bring water and food. The snack bar is expensive and limited. The other half of this day trip we went to Mikanos for a few hours of shopping and eating. It is very pretty.

We then went to Crete for three days. We saw an ancient castle/museum. We also go to spend the last night in a hostel. This was an awesome experience. Cheep stay, cheep wine, and cheep food. Also, we met a load of great people. A couple of us went with a massive group of people to a Reggae concert at the university. It was a great last night to a great trip.

It couldn’t have been any better, and believe me, I got some well needed rest when I finally returned home to Sina Street.

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